Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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New Yarn Technology

FYnesse-Fortify  the Technology of protection


FYnesse® Fortify® technologies makes possible THREE LOG REDUCTION in microbial colony count, using a minimal amount of active ingredients that are gentle on the environment.

Fortify AMX, embedded with silver in an ionized state, helps inhibit microbe growth.

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FYnesse® STA·COOL®  the extreme moisture management system

FYnesse® STA·COOL®, an advanced technology specifically engineered for extreme moisture management.

StaCool® vs. the Competition
30 min. Vertical Moisture Wicking Test

NanoGLIDE® … High Tech Fiber For Your Skin

NanoGLIDE® is a proprietary manufacturing trade secret, uniquely engineered to be 1) Durable, 2) Wick Sweat, 3) Dry Fast and 4) Reduce Friction. Meaning … a sock or fabric that is highly durable and breathable for fast evaporation; minimizing friction resulting in fewer hot spots, chafing and a reduced chance of blisters on the skins surface.

Nothing dries faster; or cools the skin faster than PTFE NanoGLIDE®

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CuTEC™ … Copper Performance Textiles

CuTEC™ is a unique and proprietary COPPER FIBER TECHNOLOGY that utilizes the qualities of copper and permanently binds copper to the fiber matrix of 1) polyester, 2) nylon or 3) re-cycled polyester fibers and works in combination with cotton and wool.

CuTEC for Athletic Apparel and More

These unique attributes allow for the production of athletic running, race and recovery compression, diabetic and every day wear socks, base layer apparel, tops of insoles, sports bras, narrow elastics, athletic apparel, work wear, intimates, wound dressings, anti-embolism stockings, and much more.

These woven and knitted products containing CuTEC™ copper fibers do more than just inhibit bacterial and fungal growth providing 1) natural anti-odor and 2) hygienic protection, the copper ion technology helps 3) to restore skin cells for healthier looking skin texture, tone and skin wellness for the wearer.

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ZinX… Engineered to be More PH Balanced and Hypoallergenic

ZinX™ brand component yarns offer the next generation of odor resistance. A proven performer, engineered with just the right amount of advanced zinc compounds to offer longer, lasting freshness.

Consumer-friendly zinc actives are already found in products as diverse as shampoo, sunblock, lozenges, and diaper cream. There is also a cosmetic claim potential of pharma grade Zinc Oxide.

Socks, neck gaiters, apparel, and other products are being produced with ZinXContact us for more information.