Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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Quality Mattress and Bedding Start with Quality FYnesse® and Sta-Cool® Yarns


Innovative Mattress Ticking Textiles

Lets face it today’s consumers expect more from their bedding and sleep products and that requires innovative new solutions.  F&YP answers this call with FYnesse® yarns that actively stretch and recover that original fit and appearance.  No matter if a bed articulates, makes use of a high tech foam or spring inner, beds made with FYnesse® yarn in the construction or up for the challenge.

For those that are hot sleepers (or have partners that are) Fiber and Yarn Products has the ultimate solution to keep everyone happy, Sta-Cool® high technology yarn for your sheets, mattress and mattress toppers.  Placing Sta-Cool® between you and your favorite memory foam, coil  spring or hybrid helps ensure you enjoy all night thermal comfort from your supportive premium bedding investment.