Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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New Yarn Technology

ZinX™ brand component yarns offer the next generation of odor resistance. A proven performer, engineered with just the right amount of advanced zinc compounds to offer longer lasting freshness. Choose ZinX™ brand for your next product innovation.

About Us

Fiber & Yarn Products located in Hickory, North Carolina USA has been servicing the textile market for more 35 years. Placing an emphasis on innovation and customer service has allowed F&YP to be competitive in offering DTY nylon, polyester and air covered yarns while leading way to new markets with advanced surface modification technology. F&YP is the top choice for value added yarn sourcing for today's top designers.

Air Covered Yarns – FYnesse®

This proprietary advancement of air covered Lycra® and spandex offers unique product characteristics to help insure garment to garment sizing consisting. The superior product uniformity creates silkier, softer, smoother socks and apparel. FYnesse® stretch and recovery yarns are the key component to helping your products reach the comfort and fit today's more demanding consumer desire.

F&YP Supporting the Fall Conference Meeting of the SYFA

F&YP representatives Donna Cress and Brad Seese proudly join industry leaders for the Fall Conference meeting of the Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association.  This non-profit organization brings together an entire supply chain to advance the cause of innovation and continued growth of opportunity for the entire textile industry.

This meeting topic is: The Strong Economy and Advances in Technology