Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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NanoGLIDE® Heat Management and Friction Reduction

Heat Management: The ability of a fabric to allow the skin surface to cool; but to also address heat caused by static and kinetic friction.  The friction or rubbing of any apparel or sock on the skin; produces heat.  Most notably fabrics that become saturated are more likely to cling to skin surface increasing the resistance to movement friction.

Friction Reduction: Friction causes HEAT, heat produces sweat as the body tries to achieve thermal core balance through evaporation.  NanoGLIDE® when tested in the labs using accepted testing methodologies for measuring abrasion and friction demonstrated a 2-3x increase in reducing static and kinetic friction; over standard fabrics. That equates to a 200-300% improvement for any well engineered apparel or sock made with NanoGLIDE®.

Why it Works: The key textile component is engineered with PTFE.  Why PTFE? The coefficient of FRICTION is 0.1 or less, which is the second lowest of any solid material known to man kind; helping to eliminate Static and Kinetic friction; thus allowing the skin surface to stay cooler by eliminating friction and abrasion on the skins surface.

NanoGLIDE® as part of well engineered constructions will yield a cooler product on the skin’s surface by eliminating abrasion and friction.