Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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New Yarn Technology

ZinX™ brand component yarns offer the next generation of odor resistance. A proven performer, engineered with just the right amount of advanced zinc compounds to offer longer lasting freshness. Choose ZinX™ brand for your next product innovation.

About Us

Fiber & Yarn Products located in Hickory, North Carolina USA has been servicing the textile market for more 35 years. Placing an emphasis on innovation and customer service has allowed F&YP to be competitive in offering DTY nylon, polyester and air covered yarns while leading way to new markets with advanced surface modification technology. F&YP is the top choice for value added yarn sourcing for today's top designers.

Air Covered Yarns – FYnesse®

This proprietary advancement of air covered Lycra® and spandex offers unique product characteristics to help insure garment to garment sizing consisting. The superior product uniformity creates silkier, softer, smoother socks and apparel. FYnesse® stretch and recovery yarns are the key component to helping your products reach the comfort and fit today's more demanding consumer desire.

Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association Staying Ahead of the Curve!

The Synthetic Yarn and Fiber Association Logo  Spring Conference 

We proudly joined many great leaders in our trade at the Spring Conference gathering in Charlotte, NC.  Organizers are to be commended on the many of the most relevant topics that impact supply chain, retailers and ultimately consumers found there way onto the agenda. The diverse subject matter ranged from RPET availability, logistics involved in improving return of of goods for recycling, microfiber innovations for a better fure, smarter yarns including those with special conductive properties, the transformation of manufacturing techniques to help reduce waste and processing changes to help build things as they have never been built before.