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Stretch Polyester and Nylon Textured Yarns


Fiber & Yarn Products produces stretch polyester and nylon textured yarns primarily for the hosiery and covered elastic markets.

The polyester, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are available in a variety of lusters from the major fiber producers. These yarns are available in a denier range from 40 to 150 denier and can be plied into construction from one to four ply. All yarns can be manufactured with air entanglement levels to suit your needs.

These products can be textured or air-covered on 11 inch tubes.

In the quality control lab, the physical properties of our various yarns are closely monitored with regard to: size, strength, elongation, shrinkage, finished and air-entanglement levels. For applications requiring a high degree of dye uniformity, select-knitting determines dye uniformity and allows you to use our yarn in these applications.

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